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Mike - Today I've been thinking back on the past four years of technical ministry at Cross Timbers Church and I realized that you had done lighting design for us at EIGHT different venues now. It seem like every time we want to open or remodel a new venue, there you are making it happen! It's been a lot of fixtures, a lot of truss and a lot of programming, but it has also been a lot of fun! You've been great to work with and I look forward to doing it again soon! - Scott Anthony - Cross Timbers Community Church
Mike Ramsey and Double Oak Consulting have been a real blessing to our church. We have very grand ideas for integrating high quality video and creative lighting into our worship services and special musical presentations, but frequently our plans are seemingly larger than our pocketbook. Mike goes out of his way to research quality, reasonably priced components to help us get the biggest bang for our buck. By helping us with creative solutions to simplify our signal chain we have been able to upgrade our worship video and lighting systems very reasonably. Our upgraded systems look great and can be operated by persons at a variety of experience levels. Thanks Mike! - Marc Herbst - Media Director, First Baptist Church, Denton, Texas

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  1. Why is it better to use component video cable for LCD projectors as opposed to standard VGA cables?
Why is it better to use component video cable for LCD projectors as opposed to standard VGA cables? - Typical VGA cables used for connecting computers to LCD monitors are designed for distances no longer than 25'. This is because the wire and associated insulation used in the manufacture of these cables is not of the standard used for broadcast video signals. For video to traverse properly over a cable with no ghosting or noise, the impeadance and propogation of the wire needs to be maintained the entire length of the cable within very tight tolerances. Standard VGA cables do not maintain these tight tolerances. Another important factor is the connector used. As the impeadance must be maintained at 75ohm, the proper connector must be used. This is typically the BNC connector and is designed to properly terminate a video cable to the equipment being used. This is why we recommend Canare wire and associated BNC crimp connectors (not twist on) for the cable assembly. With this arrangement you can safely run an RGBHV cable 2-300' without the need for amplifiers in most cases.


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